Introducing Remembrance Day Music: A Musical Journey for Kids

Remembrance Day is a time when we pause to reflect on the sacrifices made by countless individuals during times of conflict. It’s a day of gratitude and remembrance, and it’s essential to impart its significance to the younger generation. One powerful way to do this is through the magic of music. Remembrance Day music, including […]

Discovering Remembrance Day Through Engaging Books for Kids

When it comes to teaching children about the significance of Remembrance Day, books are a powerful tool. They not only help kids understand the historical importance of this day but also encourage them to ask questions, sparking meaningful conversations. One fantastic book that captures the essence of Remembrance Day is “Proud as a Peacock, Brave […]

Poppy Craft

Creating these poppies is a breeze! Start by painting two coffee filters. We used a red bingo marker, which worked really well for giving the filter a vibrant red color. Just a few dots of marker paint can cover a lot of ground, as the filter quickly absorbs and spreads the color. Keep in mind […]

Teaching Kids About Remembrance Day: Why It’s Meaningful

As Canadians, we hold a sacred tradition close to our hearts every November 11th: Remembrance Day. This annual event allows us to pay our respects to the countless men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. While many of us participate in Remembrance Day ceremonies, taking our children with us can provide them […]

Halloween Countdown – Lets Keep the Spirits ALIVE

Are you ready to embrace the eerie vibes and spooky spirits? With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to conjure up some wickedly delightful activities to keep the Halloween spirits alive for the next 7 days! Whether you prefer the coziness of your home or the thrill of outdoor adventures, we’ve got you covered […]

Create a Workspace

1.Build your Back to School Toolbox: All the tools we need to complete homework are in the box: pens, pencils, calculators, computer. We used the school supply list provided from our school to make sure we filled our boxes with everything we would need for our work space. If you kids like to find another spot […]

Create a Study Space

Study Box Everyone gets new shoes for back to school. This year we’ve decided to personalize our shoe boxes and use the for our study boxes. All the tools we need to complete homework ar e in the box: pens, pencils, calculators, French/English dictionaries and thesaurus. We used the school supply list provide from our school […]

Keeping it Together

Label It Mabels Labels has all the labels needed to identify kids belongings and keep their things out of the lost and found. Art Portfolio We can now keep all of our little artists artwork! Take two prices of Bristol board and staple them together keeping the top open. I have been collecting the artwork and reusing […]

Back to School Basics

  Back to School Basics   We are back to school and quickly settling into our routines.  Luckily, my kids have not be overwhelmed with homework yet as they ease back into the school year.  I know it is coming   and this year I am going to be prepared. I  want to make sure that […]

Five Minute Lunches

Make it a Muffin Kids love muffins.  Make them bite sized for easier handling.  Try these recipes. Morning Glory One Bite Apple   Sandwich Bar Lay out the lunch fixin’s for the kids to make their own. Bread (buns, wraps, bread) Cold Cuts Cheese Veggies Tip:  Not big on bread.  Make a lettuce wrap.   […]


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