Make a Canada Flag

Our red and white maple leaf flag was first raised over Parliament Hill 58 years ago on February 15, 1965. Celebrate Canada Day with your family by making a special flag of your own.

Hand painted Canada Flag

Here’s an easy one.  Grab some paper and red paint.  Let the creativity begin.

 Canada Flag Playdough

Have your children model a Canadian Flag from play dough and take some time to talk about our flag, our country and our heritage as you work.  Instructions here are from

You Will Need:
2 cups flour
2 cups water
2 Tbsp Cream of Tartar
2 Tbsp Oil
1 cup salt
Red food colouring (I use Wiltshire for the vibrant colour!)
a Maple Leaf cookie cutter
Optional: red glitter

Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the water and oil. Cook over medium-low heat until the dough no longer looks wet. Allow the dough to rest for 1 minute away from heat. Knead in the food colouring.

Once your playdough is ready, colour about 2/3rds of it red and leave the rest uncoloured.


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