Kids giving Valentine card to Mom

Easy Valentine Gifts

Here are all of my L♥vely Ideas for this Valentine’s Day.  You can group all of them together and have a Valentine’s party or pick and choose a few.  Either way, have a perfectly L♥VE’ly day!

Cards and Invites

Get out your creative craft box (have a look at my craft box page for ideas), and let the kid’s creativity flow. Here are a few ideas.

Magnetic Valentine – Glue a favourite photo to a piece of magnetic paper (found at the photo store or the dollar store).  Trace a heart shape around the two layers – photo and magnetic paper. Cut the shape out and voila.  You have a beautiful Valentine.

Delicious Delectables

Take one or more of these ideas and make your loved one’s breakfast, lunch, or supper l♥ve’ly!

Crustless Quiche – Made in a heart-shaped pan.  This is my recipe

Get out your cookie cutters and create heart-shaped fruit and sandwiches.

Build your fruit tray in the shape of a heart with a heart-shaped bowl and your favorite dip.

Make pink lemonade.

Heart ice cubes are so cute.

Chocolate fondue is always a hit. Here is a great recipe.

Make a garland out of hearts or Xs and Os.

Cut out big hearts with little notes on them such as “Be Mine” or “You’re sweet”. Post them up for now, but plan to use them later for a game of Musical Hearts.

Make heart hands using acrylic paint. Paint the side of your pinky finger down to the end of your hand. Do the same to the other hand. Make a shape of a heart with your hands and press down on paper.  This makes a beautiful keepsake.

Set a L♥vely Table.

Colour your own flowers

All you need:

  • White flowers, like white carnations or Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • A plastic container

Add the dye and watch your flower drink up the beautiful colours. This a great experiment for all ages.

Fill champagne glasses with Valentine’s candies.  |Scatter Valentine’s confetti around them for a nice centerpiece

Salt Candles (below)

Set out an individual bowl of candy at each place setting.

Don’t Forget the Party Favours.

Individual box of chocolates.

Heart-shaped activity book with pencils.

Heart crayons.  This is such a fun craft. Take all of your old crayons and bake them in a heart-shaped silicone tray.


Valentine Games with Heart

Pass the heart (like a hot potato)

Conversation Heart Bingo.  Printable cards and instructions here. 

Musical Hearts.  Just like musical chairs, but with love.  cut out big hearts on the floor and place them in a circle on the floor.  Play some fun music like Disney’s kiss the girl or Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours.  Have fun!


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