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A woman, a friend, a mom, a wife, an educator and a communicator, I am an active, athletic and energetic community-oriented person with zest for life.  After completing my bachelor of education I went on to teach, host a season of the International Gourmet, and act as a spokesperson for Foodland Ontario.  Since becoming a mother I have remained active in both the community and the communications field in my role as “Mom in the Know”.  
As Mom in the Know I act as a spokesperson informing the public about available community and business services to help them with the management of their families and careers.  In this role I strive to offer a valuable service to; television stations with which  I help design, develop and produce TV segments for local broadcast, community and business service providers whose messages I seamlessly weave into the segments, and the public to whom I provide information and advice for leading a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.    


Julie Findlay


Mom in the know



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