Fun and Easy March Break Activities

  1. Visit the library: Check if they’re hosting any special programs for your day off, such as puppet shows or craft times. Plan ahead by reserving Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar DVDs for a movie marathon.
  2. Enjoy outdoor play: Make use of playgrounds, school yards, or your backyard for some fresh air and exercise.
  3. Organize a play date for both kids and parents: Instead of merely swapping children, host a group play date where kids can entertain each other while adults socialize.
  4. Engage in a kid swap with a friend: Take charge of their children, along with your own, in the morning, and reciprocate in the afternoon. With the kids entertaining one another, enjoy a blissful half-day of “me time.”
  5. Dedicate a day to board games: Dust off classics like Monopoly, Operation, and Clue, and immerse yourself in some friendly competition.
  6. Opt for family-friendly destinations: Whether it’s a museum, indoor playground, climbing gym or trampoline zone, anticipate crowds and pack snacks for your day off.
  7. Get creative: Build something together, whether it’s with LEGO, constructing a snow fort, or creating a blanket tent in the living room.
  8. Embrace help from others: When Grandpa, Auntie June, or friend Fred offer to take the kids on an outing, seize the opportunity. Keep it simple with adventures like a subway trip to Union Station for cinnamon buns.
  9. Turn errands into an adventure: Involve the kids in grocery shopping with an illustrated list, open a savings account together at the bank, and add excitement to mundane tasks like getting gas by placing bets on the total.
  10. Do nothing. Sometimes a day on the couch watching movies and doing not much at all is a great way to spend the day.

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