Father’s Day Gifts for the Man who has Everything

As a mother and as a daughter, I have run the gamut on Father’s Day gift-giving over the years.   From barbeque accessories, to clothing and ties, sports equipment, gadgets, and fishing gear, I have given many gifts to the men in my life, but non so precious as the memories we have made together.

This year, as I was spring cleaning, I noticed a few treasures on the top shelf of the closet.  My husband had tucked away some of the special school crafts, handprints, photos, and squiggly scripted homemade cards that the kids had given him over the years.    He had received many gifts over the years, but the real gems brought back the best memories that meant the most to him.

I used to think it was really hard to buy something for the man who has everything, then I realized that we were all missing the point. It’s not the gifts that we buy.  It’s the memories that we make.

The point of Father’s Day is to thank a man for being a wonderful father or husband.  The best way to do that is to give a gift from the heart, one with meaning, one that will be appreciated and cherished, one that will be tucked away on a top shelf or sock drawer for years to come.

So grab that popsicle sticks and glue guns.  Print your favourite picture and spend some time with your kids crafting the perfect gift.

Still looking for the perfect gift?  How about the gift of time?  Make some memories with Dad today, go to the movies, and throw some balls around.  I love the idea of participating together in a community event as well.

Whatever gift you choose to give this Father’s

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