Time to ‘Spring’ Into Action

Pump up the music! Nothing makes the time pass more quickly and puts people in a cheerier mood than some upbeat tunes. Your kids will dance and sing their way to a tidier place. With younger children, you can play “wax museum,” where kids must freeze in place like a wax statue every time the music stops. […]


Earth Hour has become a celebrated holiday for families across Canada and around the World. For many families it is a chance to spend some fun and educational time together and to find a renewed commitment to the planet. Visit Mom in the Know Facebook Page, and you can watch as millions of people in […]

Spring into Running

Could it be that spring is finally here in the Nation’s Capital?  It has been a very long winter.  For those of us who run, it has been doubly long as we wait for more daylight hours, milder weather and less of the hazardous slippery stuff before we dig out our shoes an hit the […]

Get out Get Active

It’s officially the season for hibernating, eating more and exercising less.  When curling up on the couch seems far more appealing than heading outside, it takes a little motivation and preparation to keep the family active throughout the winter months. Here are some ways to keep your family active: Try skating as a family. Ottawa has […]

National Scrapbook Day

It’s National Scrapbook Day!  I dropped by CTV Morning Live to share so tips and tricks to get you and your family cutting, pasting, decorating and creating works of art from your precious memories.  Have a look.  Tell me what you think.  

Kitchen Experiments with Mom in the Know

Making Super Soapy Play dough Ingredients: 2 cups of flour ½ cup salt 1 tbsp of liquid soap 8-10 drops food colouring Water Directions: 1. Mix flour, salt, and food colouring together in a bowl 2. Slowly add water until a workable dough is formed. You are adding the water to work towards a well combined consistency. […]

SPRING – A great time to get CRAFTY!

TIme to get CRAFTY!!!! It is fun to share arts and craft ideas. So this year we decided to come up with a weeks full of Art Projects. The video above gives you the big picture. Best part- You can do them anytime ENJOY! A few recipes: SLIME: Thanks to the Slime Queen. MATERIALS:   […]


Providing a supplemental food will help ensure birds have enough energy to stay warm. Calorie-rich black sunflower seeds and preservative-free suet are great choices. Place feeders at different heights to attract different species. Platform feeding areas attract jays and grosbeaks, while titmice and finches enjoy hanging feeders. Ground feeders like mourning doves and juncos will […]