Fresh Local Farmers’ Markets

Our local farmers’ markets are bursting with in-season produce and now is the time to start making your weekly visits.  Beyond the fresh flavours and friendly producers, there are many other benefits to browsing the market stalls. You Can’t Beat the Freshness Straight from farm to market, you’re likely going to be purchasing produce that was […]

Father’s Day Gifts for the Man who has Everything

As a mother and as a daughter, I have run the gamut on Father’s Day gift-giving over the years.   From barbeque accessories, to clothing and ties, sports equipment, gadgets, and fishing gear, I have given many gifts to the men in my life, but non so precious as the memories we have made together. This […]

Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

My life has been fully blessed with mothers—my grandmother, mother-in-law, my sisters and sisters -in-law and of course, my mother. I have so much to celebrate this weakened including  my own motherhood and my two fantastic kids! It is so nice to spend time with the women in my life and I find that going […]

Mother’s Day Gift of Time with Her Kids

The one thing every mom wants for Mother’s Day is more time with her kids. Whether that means going for a family hike, planting flowers or baking a cake, the experiences you share create lasting memories. Include a thoughtful gift to remind her of the day and you have the perfect Mother’s Day plan. Plant a Garden […]

Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day is one of my all-time favourite observances.  I love the crafts, the ideas and the excitement of participating in the fun and positive events of environmental action for our planet.   Earth Day Canada urges us this year to “Clean our Commute,” suggesting that we use self-propelled travel, walking, biking, skateboarding or rollerblading. I […]

Fairy Houses

Inspired by some of her favourite movies and books, Meghan had the idea to build Fairy Houses in our backyard.  We have collected many items on our walks and while cleaning up our own yard.  So far we have sticks, bark, dry grass, pebbles, feathers and pine cones.  We will also use some paper and […]

Reuse and Recyle around Town

Many of the depots are currently closed, but if you can find a space to store, they will be grateful for drop offs when they re open. Books Pack up your old books and head out to the book fairs.  Look for listings in your local paper.  Or consider one of donating your books to […]

Decorate Your Driveway

Spread the word.  It’s Earth Day and we are taking it to the streets.  It’s so much fun to decorate our driveway using sidewalk chalk.  Now you can make your own and get the message out. Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Difficulty: Average Time Required: 30 minutes Here’s How: You will Need   A Mold 1 cup […]

Spring into Running

Spring Running

Could it be that spring is finally here in the Nation’s Capital?  It has been a very long winter.  For those of us who run, it has been doubly long as we wait for more daylight hours, milder weather and less of the hazardous slippery stuff before we dig out our shoes an hit the […]

Earth Hour

the text earth hour and the hands of a young woman, patterned with a world map (furnished by NASA), forming a heart

Earth Hour has become a celebrated holiday for families across Canada and around the World. For many families it is a chance to spend some fun and educational time together and to find a renewed commitment to the planet.  Visit Mom in the Know Facebook Page, and you can watch as millions of people in […]


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