Five Minute Lunches

Make it a Muffin Kids love muffins.  Make them bite sized for easier handling.  Try these recipes. Morning Glory One Bite Apple   Sandwich Bar Lay out the lunch fixin’s for the kids to make their own. Bread (buns, wraps, bread) Cold Cuts Cheese Veggies Tip:  Not big on bread.  Make a lettuce wrap.   […]

Get your kids excited for Back-to-School

  Back to school is just around the corner and it is never too early to get your kids geared up for going back.  In fact, with a little enthusiasm and persuasion, you can generate a little excitement. Here’s how: Get the class supply list early and look it over with your kids.  Compare the […]

Back to School Breakfasts

Get Cracking in the Morning with these Large Batch Egg Recipes Watch as Julie demonstrates three fresh egg recipes to get kids going in the morning.  Large batch recipes make it easy to provide your kids with delicious breakfast options packed with protein and fresh ingredients. Recipe links below:   >   Baked Oatmeal Cups […]

Back to School – Back to Routines

We have got some great tips and tricks for first time and seasoned families on how to make back to school a smooooth transition.    Back to school, back to our routines and back to the neighbourhoods we call home. There is no time like the fall to remind us of home – the […]

“SNACKS 101” – Back to School – Back to Routine

Great time to get all little hands on deck. Take advantage of all things in season. With “Snacks 101” There is something for everyone.   1.“An Apple a Day”- A fresh Ontario Apple, or other seasonal fruit, is a delicious, healthy snack any time.   2.Quick Blueberry Pancakes: Add fresh Ontario Blueberries to prepared pancake mix.   3. […]

Spring into Running

Spring Running

Could it be that spring is finally here in the Nation’s Capital?  It has been a very long winter.  For those of us who run, it has been doubly long as we wait for more daylight hours, milder weather and less of the hazardous slippery stuff before we dig out our shoes an hit the […]

Fall into Freshness

Prepare for back to school with fresh food ideas          Salads Stuffed Tomatoes Combine cooked Ontario corn kernels with diced Ontario tomato, sweet green pepper, green onion and minced fresh parsley. Split fresh Ontario tomatoes in half, hollow out and fill with mixed ingredients.  Add a splash of your favourite vinaigrette dressing. […]

Back to School with Mom in the Know

We are back to school and quickly settling into our routines.  Luckily, my kids have not be overwhelmed with homework yet as they ease back into the school year.  I know it is coming   and this year I am going to be prepared.   I want to make sure that my kids are set up […]


1.Build your Back to School Toolbox: All the tools we need to complete homework are in the box: pens, pencils, calculators, computer. We used the school supply list provided from our school to make sure we filled our boxes with everything we would need for our work space. If you kids like to find another spot […]


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