Spring Running

Spring into Running

Could it be that spring is finally here in the Nation’s Capital?  It has been a very long winter.  For those of us who run, it has been doubly long as we wait for more daylight hours, milder weather and less of the hazardous slippery stuff before we dig out our shoes an hit the streets.

Today is the day, I have been itching to get outside and I am ready to go, but I feel that I am going to start slowly since I did take a bit of a break through the winter and I don’t expect to be running at the same pace I was last fall.

As much as I love the warmth and sunshine on my face, I am going to pace myself this month and make slow increases to get back on track.  To avoid injury:

  • Take short easy runs to start.
  • Don’t run every day.  Take a day of in-between.
  • Keep your increases in distance to no more than 10 percent each week.
  • Be patient.  It will take a while to re-build a running base.  Give yourself time.
  • Concentrate on this year’s running season.  You will quickly become frustrated and discouraged if you focus last year’s fitness level.


Set a goal

The best way to remain motivated as you get back to running this spring is to register for  an upcoming race.  This will give you a goal to work toward.

For those of you who may have started early, the EY Run for Reach is a great run to choose.  I love this run and try to participate every year because it is such a great cause.  Reach is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to educating and informing persons with disabilities, their families, lawyers, health/social service providers and the general public about the rights and interests of persons with disabilities. The proceeds from the EY Run for Reach to ensure that people with all disabilities are provided with quality legal and social representation through our lawyer referral and educational programs.

Stay Safe

If you didn’t run or trained on the treadmill during the winter, you may need a refresher on running safety

  • Tell someone that you are going and where you are going.
  • Make sure you’re visible.
  • Don’t run alone at night.
  • Always have identification with you. .
  • Limit your distractions from iPods and devices as much as possible.
  • Don’t make assumptions about drivers, they are more distracted than ever.
  • Watch out for cyclists and other runners.
  • Carry cash or bank card


Run safe and enjoy the much overdue warmer weather.  Don’t forget to leave me a note here to let me know about the races you plan to run and any great tips you have to share.


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