Five Minute Lunches

Make it a Muffin

Kids love muffins.  Make them bite sized for easier handling.  Try these recipes.

Morning Glory

One Bite Apple


Sandwich Bar

Lay out the lunch fixin’s for the kids to make their own.

Bread (buns, wraps, bread)

Cold Cuts



Tip:  Not big on bread.  Make a lettuce wrap.


Veggie and Fruit Kebobs

Cut up in season fruit and vegetables and allow your children to choose their own. Have them make up their own snacks of veggies and dip or put together a sweet fruit salad. Make it fun by giving them skewers to make a kebob with any of the fruit, veggie or sandwich items.


Super Soups

In a pinch?  Go ahead and use a low sodium canned soup and add some lean meats and in season veggies to that soup.

My kids love this Leek and Potato Soup.  It is great at this time with added sweet corn off the cob.


Pack it Up

Choose the right containers to pack up lunches.  Thermos brand containers are great for keeping things warm or cold.  Bento boxes are ideal.


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