Get your kids excited for Back-to-School


Back to school is just around the corner and it is never too early to get your kids geared up for going back.  In fact, with a little enthusiasm and persuasion, you can generate a little excitement.

Here’s how:

Get the class supply list early and look it over with your kids.  Compare the needs to the items you may have at home.  If you have extra, consider donating it to your child’s class.  Teacher’s are always in need of extras.   Hit the stores and shop the sales.  My kids love the picking up bright new pencil crayons, sharp new pencils and crisp paper and binders.

Set up a study box for each child.  Make sure that everything is in one place so that they will have the tools to complete homework tasks.  A study box allows kids to set up and do assignments anywhere they like, at the kitchen table, in their room or sitting outside.  Creating the box is a fun way to get everyone involved.  We used Pom-Pow Wow   to decorate our back to school gear.

Keep it fresh all summer long.  Math and reading are fun and can sometimes be disguised as games.  A deck of cards or a set of dice are amazing tools to make up math drills, times table review or simple addition and subtraction.

Use technology and apps to engage children in reading.  I love the  Ooka Island app on my iPad.  Kids log in as if playing a game and using their reading skill to unlock a world of fun.

Back to school is an exciting time of year for children.  It’s a new adventure every year.  By mirroring their excitement and establishing year-round study habits, you are adding to their success.

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