12 Awesome Easter Activities

Easter weekend has arrived, and there are so many activities for you in and around Ottawa! Get ready to create cherished memories with one of these Easter adventures that will leave the whole family smiling from ear to ear! Hop on over to a Farm for some Easter Fun   Easter Weekend at the Proulx Maple […]

Easter Brunch

Easter is on the way!  It’s a perfect time to start new family traditions and get your kids busy in the kitchen.

Step Out of the Basket

easter baskets

Scrambling around for something new to delight your kids on Easter Morning?  It may be time to put your basket aside and create some excitement with these alternatives to the traditional basket. April Showers What kid does not love an umbrella?  Fill these colourful bubble umbrellas with springtime treats.  Layer the base with a little […]

Five Great Alternatives to Easter Candy

Holidays are an adventure at our house. Easter is no exception with the abundance of  sweets and chocolate.  While I agree that some candy is fun, this year I plan to change up the easter routine by setting up an in-house scavenger hunt.  The kids get a map from the Easter bunny, leading them to their first […]

Embark on March Break Marvels: Ottawa’s Museum Adventures

  It’s March Break, time to dive into some of the many museums scattered across Ottawa. Brace yourselves for an adventure filled with intrigue, discovery, and unforgettable experiences with  your family. Did you know Ottawa has seven national museums? These havens of knowledge offer a world of wonders, each catering to diverse interests. From delving […]

Fun and Easy March Break Activities

Visit the library: Check if they’re hosting any special programs for your day off, such as puppet shows or craft times. Plan ahead by reserving Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar DVDs for a movie marathon. Enjoy outdoor play: Make use of playgrounds, school yards, or your backyard for some fresh air and exercise. Organize a play […]

March Break Staycation

child on a climbing wall

Have a March break vacation close to home this year by enjoying some of our city’s attractions indoors and out.  Make your hometown your Spring Break destination; visit a local sugar bush, hit the slopes, visit a museum or take in a show.  Ottawa has so many options.  Don’t forget to dress for the weather, […]

Super Bowl Party Snack Ideas

  MINI PIZZA POCKETS These mini pizza pockets are much better than the frozen kind! Just use your favorite pizza toppings to create a cheesy snack your guests will go crazy for. Ingredients: Pre-made pizza dough- store bought or your favorite crust recipe 1/2 Cup pizza sauce (plus extra for serving) 1/2 Cup ricotta cheese 1/2 Cup mozzarella […]

Make a Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders Providing supplemental food will help ensure birds have enough energy to stay warm. Calorie-rich black sunflower seeds and preservative-free suet are great choices. Place feeders at different heights to attract different species. Platform feeding areas attract jays and grosbeaks, while titmice and finches enjoy hanging feeders. Ground feeders like mourning doves and juncos […]

Frozen Treasure Hunts are Fun

Plastic items frozen inside a bag

Ice Treasure Hunt Brave the frigid frost and head out on an Icy Treasure Hunt! Outdoor activities like this are a great way to get kids up and moving during the winter months. The hunt is made up of individual clues which are a letter scramble of the words that will be their next destination. In […]


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