Easy Early Holiday Crafts and Decorations

It seems to me that the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year.  No sooner have we packed away our Halloween costumes than the streets are decorated for the holidays, the store decorations are up and the radio is playing Silent Night.  The wait is long for children and it is not easy to […]

Santa FAQs

My Kids are starting to ask questions about Santa this year.  I have had to do some quick thiniking on my feet to make sure that they continue to believe.  Here is my list of Santa FAQs How can Santa fly around the world and deliver all those presents in just a few hours? Santa […]

Host a Holiday Party for Kids

Gingerbread House Making Raise the roof … with a gingerbread house-making party. Great news for gingerbread enthusiasts!  Loblaws / Great Canadian Superstores sell premade houses complete with icing bags and candies. Partygoers can let their imaginations go wild.  When complete, you simply package up their creations in the boxes they came in.  Be sure to […]

Holiday Mom Savers

 Christmas Morning Make Ahead Recipes     BUTTERMILK COUNTRY CARROT CAKE   Packed with wholesome Ontario Carrots, carrot cake always makes a great after-school snack.  This easy stir-together is chock full of carrots, iron-rich raisins and low-fat buttermilk.   Preparation Time:            30 minutes Baking Time:                   1 hour Serves 12 to 16   2/3 cup (150 […]

25 Days of Giving

This is one of my favourite advent activities.  Over the years, we have brightened the lives of others during the Christmas season by putting the focus on giving, sharing, caring and love.  I know that , we have made the season of giving special for those around us.  There are families in our community in […]

Crafts with Christmas Cookie Cutters

Make your own wrapping paper.  Dip cookie cutters into paint and press them onto craft paper.  I like to use the big roll from Ikea, $4.99 for meters of fun. Trace the cutters onto sponges. Cut out the sponges and sponge paint a Christmas scene. Take photos from previous years, glue them to magnetic paper […]

Make a New Year’s Time Capsule

 This is a fun and easy project that the whole family can do together. Start by asking a few questions to get the kids thinking about what they would like to add to the box: Where do you think we will live in the future? What will you remember about this year? What do you […]

Keeping Kids Busy Blog

The countdown to Christmas is on and children are becoming more excited, and sometimes restless, as the day draws nearer.  Keeping them busy and engaged is always the best way to harness that energy and create some terrific memories.   Gather up the Glitter Empty out the craft cupboard:  glitter, glue, beads, chalk pens, and stickers.  […]

MITK Guide to Christmas Lights

The snow has started to fall and the city is finally fully dressed for Christmas.  Colourful lights shine bright, evergreens drape on the fresh fallen snow and neighborhoods are transformed.  It’s Christmas in the city.    Bundle up the kids, grab some sweet Christmas treats and a mug of hot chocolate.  There’s nothing like a family […]

MITKs Ultimate List of Christmas Things to Do

2016 Edition It’s that time of year again.  This city is alight with twinkling lights.  Festivals and craft sales are under way and Santa’s helpers are stationed in their ornate mall displays waiting for the enthusiastic children to visit, lists in hand.  It’s Christmas Time in the City. There is so much to do and […]


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