25 Days of Giving

This is one of my favourite advent activities.  Over the years, we have brightened the lives of others during the Christmas season by putting the focus on giving, sharing, caring and love.  I know that , we have made the season of giving special for those around us.  There are families in our community in need, there are people who are lonely and there are friends who could use some cheer.  Plan you 25 days and show someone the love of a kind gesture this holiday season.  Here are a few ideas.

1.  Make your Christmas countdown meaningful. Shop your neighbourhood #shoplocal
2.   Give Blood
3.  Sing Christmas Carols, play board games, or just visit with senior citizens at a nursing home.

4. Support the snowsuit Fund – some locations are accepting gently used and new snow gear – http://snowsuitfund.com/support-us/

5. Do a wagon food drive in your neighbourhood for your local foodbank
6. Participate in the shoebox project – http://www.shoeboxproject.com/home.html
7. Bake some cookies for your neighbour, a friend, or a family who could use some homemade holiday baking!

8. Hand out gloves and mittens to the homeless, or leave them on park benches.

9. Donate a new toy to Toy Mountain – http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/toy-mountain
10. Give yourself a treat –  go for a run or walk in the good outdoors, go to a yoga class,
11. Make some soup for your soul and share it with a friend. Great recipes using local produce at FoodlandOntario.ca
12. Put some change in the Salvation Army kettle.
13. Shovel your neighbour’s driveway.
14. Volunteer to wrap presents for someone who could use the help and company.
15. Help a furry friend.  Donate to the local animal shelter.
16. Make a call.  Reach out to someone that you have not heard from in a while.
17. Make Christmas cards and bring them to the hospital to be handed out.
18. Give away your parking spot at the mall.
19. Wrap up some new Christmas pjs for a child in need.
20. Carry candy canes and give them out randomly.  Wish people a merry Christmas.
21. Offer to help an elderly neighbour put up Christmas lights.
22. Buy some new colouring books and crayons and leave in a hospital waiting room.
23. Bring hot chocolate to your bus driver.
24. Make someone smile.  Tell them a Christmas joke.  ?  Where do snowmen keep their money?
–  Beats me –  In a snow bank.

25. Give a teacher a bag of school supplies.

Smile at everyone you meet.

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