Crafts with Christmas Cookie Cutters

Make your own wrapping paper.  Dip cookie cutters into paint and press them onto craft paper.  I like to use the big roll from Ikea, $4.99 for meters of fun.

Trace the cutters onto sponges. Cut out the sponges and sponge paint a Christmas scene.

Take photos from previous years, glue them to magnetic paper (found at photo stores or the dollar store) and trace with Christmas cookie cutter shape, cut out and hang on tree.

A Starter Christmas Tree

Each year the kids are eager to decorate the tree. That is usually right after the Santa Claus parade in the middle of November.  Our solution is to offer a smaller artificial tree that they can decorate and put in their rooms. We have collected miniature ornaments over the years. They still love to create new ones.

Five ways to add new life and extra sparkle to old decorations

Grab your glitter and empty it into a cake pan. Paint balls with glue and roll in glitter.
Use themed stickers or scrapbook stickers to create a scene or glamour up your old Christmas balls.
Use markers to add a message to a ball or a whole new design.

Gather up some of your old beads and baubles that you no longer use. Lightly sand your Christmas ball and stick beads on with Modge Podge.


Christmas Card Ideas

Greeting cards can be an ongoing project for young ones. Bring out the craft box. If you build the environment, they will come. It’s always a pleasure to see their works of art.  Here are some ideas for great keepsakes.  Reindeer – foot is the body, hands are the antlers.  Christmas wreath- multiple hands attached to a cardboard cutout wreath.


Be sure to make every moment special this holiday season.  Send me photos of your creations and I will post them to my Facebook or blog.  I would love to learn more about your Christmas craft ideas and traditions.

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