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The countdown to Christmas is on and children are becoming more excited, and sometimes restless, as the day draws nearer.  Keeping them busy and engaged is always the best way to harness that energy and create some terrific memories.  

Gather up the Glitter

Empty out the craft cupboard:  glitter, glue, beads, chalk pens, and stickers.  I love the clear plastic ornaments (available from most craft stores).  They are great for filling with glitter or beads.  Kids can write on them using chalk pens: sharing memories or names of loved ones. I have seen them filled with beads or sparkles and even notes.   Using glue tape on the outside of the ornaments, little crafters can create patterns of glitter or beads.  


Wrap it Up

Homemade gift wrap is a lovely way to personalize presents and it’s really easy.  Kids can have lots of fun making prints and getting creative with their own wrapping paper designs. 


  • Christmas cookie cutters
  • Paper plate
  • Brown butcher paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint 


  1. Cut paper into manageable sized pieces and lay one flat on the table.
  2. Pour paint onto a paper plate. 
  3. Dip the cutter in the paint, sharp side down, making sure the edges are covered.
  4. Place cutter onto the paper and push down firmly.
  5. Cover paper in designs. 
  6. Let the paint dry completely. 
  7. Roll up until ready to use.


Finger Print Cards

Keep little hands busy making these cards to give to grandparents and other relatives. I always love to make the one with the Christmas lights.  They are such a wonderful keepsake.  


  • Paper plate
  • Blank notecards
  • Black Sharpie
  • Markers
  • Paint
  • Table cover



  1. Squeeze out a dime-sized amount of paint on the plate.
  2. For the Christmas lights, stamp fingerprints across the top of the card in a few colours. Allow to dry then use a Sharpie to connect the lights.  
  3. For the tree, stamp fingerprints in the shape of a triangle. Allow to dry and then use fingertip to add red dots. Once dry, use a marker to draw a star on the tree.  

Bake a Batch of Butter Tarts

These days a special gift of homemade treats is welcome.  It’s no secret that butter tarts are one of my favourites, especially when they are made from local maple syrup.  By the way, the maple syrup itself also makes an amazing gift.  

These butter tarts are easy to make, especially if you use ready made tart crusts.  You can find the recipe for the tarts and other delicious Christmas recipes using locally grown and produced at Foodland Ontario



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