Kids in the Garden

When I am out in the garden or in nature with my kids, there is so much more growing than just the plants and flowers.  We are growing ideas, we are growing bonds and we are growing minds.  As a mother, I tend to keep all of those teaching moments hidden behind the glee of […]

Spring into Running

Could it be that spring is finally here in the Nation’s Capital?  It has been a very long winter.  For those of us who run, it has been doubly long as we wait for more daylight hours, milder weather and less of the hazardous slippery stuff before we dig out our shoes an hit the […]

Pack a Picnic, Pick a Pepper…it’s in season

A lot of families planning to head out on a family a road trip. Along the way there is not a lot of choice for food. It is great to have some food on hand or even pack a picnic of options. A few ideas using all of our in season produce: Curried Chicken Salad […]

Out to the Orchard

It’s October and that means it’s peak season for apple harvesting. Orchards all around the Ottawa area are open and some of best-tasting apples of the year are ripe for the picking. Our local Apple orchards offer a ton of fall fun for all ages.  Itching for an autumn outing?  Take a drive to the […]

Get out Get Active

It’s officially the season for hibernating, eating more and exercising less.  When curling up on the couch seems far more appealing than heading outside, it takes a little motivation and preparation to keep the family active throughout the winter months. Here are some ways to keep your family active: Try skating as a family. Ottawa has […]

National Scrapbook Day

It’s National Scrapbook Day!  I dropped by CTV Morning Live to share so tips and tricks to get you and your family cutting, pasting, decorating and creating works of art from your precious memories.  Have a look.  Tell me what you think.  

May 2 – 4 Picnic Games

Are you ready for the long weekend?  Heading out to the cottage, camping or a picnic? MITK has some fun and easy picnic games for you and your family.  

Race Weekend – Tough Runs Don’t Last- Tough Runners Do!

I am going to start this blog with my own big shout out to the many people who crowd the sidelines of the race every year to cheer, congratulate and encourage the thousands of runners who pass by.   Thank you, thank you! Again this year, there will be an army of volunteers out on […]

Come and Toast the Lemonade Brigade!

Come and visit one of the over 100 stands across the Ottawa and outlying areas for a delicous glass of lemonade! Thank you to the over 400 lemonaders that are Helping Put the SQUUEZE on Cancer! Hosting a lemonade stand is one of the most popular summer fun activities for kids. And on Saturday, June […]


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