Summer Staycation – Here’s to a Berry Good Season – Local Strawberries are on the menu

We wait all year for the juicy berry goodness!
Picking berries is fun for the entire family.
Click on video for all you need to know for this year’s season!

Strawberry Picking Tips:

  • Call ahead to be sure the ‘Pick your Own Farms’ are open and ready for you. First PYO – Strawberries, then Raspberries
  • Go early, especially on the weekend; a large turnout can pick the field clean.
  • During Covid, Growers wil provide containers to collect your berries.
  • Bring credit, some farms are not accepting cash.
  • Bring something to drink and a few snacks; you’d be surprised how you can work up a thirst and appetite! And don’t forget hats and sunscreen.
  • To pick, gently hold the stem between thumb and forefinger. Carefully pinch and break the stem to release the berry without squeezing the berry itself.

Storing and Preparing

  • Remove any damaged berries as soon as possible. Trim damaged areas and use in sauces, ice creams or in baking where appearance doesn’t matter.
  • Store berries in the refrigerator with hulls intact, unwashed, and lightly covered in a single layer. Use within three to six days.
  • Just before serving, gently rinse under cold running water (avoid soaking because the strawberries will absorb water and lose flavour), gently pat dry with paper towels, and hull.
  • Hull and freeze your Ontario Strawberries for a divine treat after the season!


Three easy strawberry recipes

  • Freeze your strawberries and use instead of ice cubes!
  • Fill a glass vase full of local berries. Place a bowl of freshly whipped cream or melted chocolate beside you and you will be the star of the party!
  • Blend fresh strawberries into your lemonade
  • Grill your Ontario strawberries
  • More great recipes such as Strawberry Lemon Cream shots can be found atFoodland Ontario
  • IF you can’t make it to the fields, the berries will be available at your local roadside fruit stands and if you don’t have time to organize a Strawberry Social, look for one in your community!

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