A backpack: The single most important item for packing it all in during Winterlude. Remember you need somewhere to hold all of those boots while you are skating.  It’s a great idea to stash a few plastic bags into your pack for items that may get wet.   Make sure your pack has lots of exterior pockets and zippers for easy access to change, bus tickets, mittens and sunglasses.

Food and Water: Fruit, granola and energy bars are backpack staples in any season.  Don’t let the cold fool you.  You need to stay hydrated when participating in sports.  Bring an insulated water bottle along.  Another great idea would be to bring along a Thermos of hot soup to keep the little one’s energy up and thier bellies warm along the way.

Accessories: Nothing will ruin your day faster than lost hats, scarves or mittens.  Always pack extras.  Don’t forget the sunglasses.

Cash: There is nothing worse than standing in front of the shop for hot chocolate or beaver tails only to find they don’t take Interac.   Be sure to bring a few small bills and change.

First Aid Kit:  Tuck a few band aids, Tylenol and some cotton squares into your pack.  Skates that are not used very often tend to cause blisters.

Tissues: Enough said.

Sunscreen and lip balm: The sun and wind are strong elements on a winter’s afternoon.  Be sure to pack sunscreen, but avoid spray on types in the cold.

Phone and charger: Did you know that the cold drains phone batteries faster than in normal temperatures.  Pack your charger and keep your phone close to your body.  You won’t want to miss any pics of those great family memories.


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