Winter Outdoor Play

Winter is here and now is the time to take advantage of the outdoor playground.



Check out the The SJAM  : A groomed, 18-kilometre multi-use trail is open for walkers, cross-country skiers (classic and skate skiing), snowshoers, and winter bikers to experience the beautiful views along the Ottawa River

Ottawa Tourism gives us the Best Ice SKating Experiences in Ottawa

Walking – Hiking- Winter Biking – Snowshoeing and more is just a click away at  Winter in the Capital


 Toboganning / Sliding

Find a nice hill with a good slope (not too steep).  Be sure to take a test run by yourself first before sending the kids down.  Check for large rocks, tree roots, debris or pipes hidden under the snow. 

Map of Ottawa Toboggan Hills

In Your Own Backyard!:


Make a Snow House.  

A roofless snow house is the easiest and safest kind to make.  It is easy to build up walls for your house, castle or igloo.  Don’t forget to build furniture.  If you are ambitious, you can build more than one house and connect them by shoveling paths and sidewalks.  

Toboggan Tug-of-War

Play a game of toboggan tug-of war.  Have everyone divide into two sides and grab their sleds.   Take hold of either end of a long rope and pull. Try to pull your opponents over to your side without sliding toward them.

Snow Shapes

Wet, dense snow is like sand, in that it can be formed into shapes. Bring out your sandbox toys, buckets, Tupperware containers and other molds and make a snow castle or anything else your imagination comes up with.

Snow Bodies

Lie on the ground and form a snowman shape around you. Then try a mermaid’s tail, an angel with wings, a butterfly and other characters. Make sure your kids are bundled up well for this one!

Snow Paint

Make some homemade snow paint using water and food coloring. Fill some spray bottles and let your children express their artistic sides in the snow. With a sharp stream on the spray bottle or in a squeeze bottle, kids can write their names in the snow or make a large message in the yard.


Tip: Your snow day will be much more enjoyable if everyone stays warm and dry.  Dress in loose layered clothing under a waterproof coat.  Don’t forget good mittens or gloves, hats, boots and scarves.

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