Santa FAQs

My Kids are starting to ask questions about Santa this year.  I have had to do some quick thiniking on my feet to make sure that they continue to believe.  Here is my list of Santa FAQs

How can Santa fly around the world and deliver all those presents in just a few hours?

Santa has a lot more than a few hours. He goes by time zones to make deliveries. There are 24 time zones on earth and therefore Santa has 24 hours to get to all the presents delivered.

How can Santa carry all the presents in such a small sleigh?

Santa doesn’t carry every thing all at once. He has warehouses filled with toys at the North and South Poles where elves (like a NASCAR pit crew) check, make adjustments, reload, and get the sleigh ready for the next time zone trip.

How can Santa find my house in the dark?

Santa uses his GPS. (Global Positioning Sleigh) The sleigh communicates with satellites all around the world and automatically updates its position 300 times every second. The sleigh also keeps Santa continuously updated 200 times every second on which children have been naughty or nice.

How can Santa know if I’ve been bad?

Santa Net. Santa has a team of security elves monitoring thousands of computers. They see everything you do online on your computer. Santa also has the SSS (Santa’s Secret Service) helpers all around the world reporting directly to him. These helpers make the naughty and nice list, keep the list updated and otherwise, just keep an eye on things in general.

Why do we leave cookies and milk for Santa.

Santa needs all the cookies and milk he can get. Climbing down and up chimneys takes a lot of energy. Santa spends most of the year putting on extra weight so that he will have the ability to stand up to the physical and caloric needs of making several trips around the world at Supersonic speeds. As soon as Santa leaves the North Pole, his metabolism starts rising and he starts burning off the extra weight. Santa and the Reindeer need the cookies and milk to keep up their energy during the trip. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cookies and milk. Just about anything sweet will do. Santa loves cake and coffee or candy and cola. He also loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and root-beer.

Why do I need to be asleep when Santa comes?

Santa doesn’t leave the North Pole until midnight. All good children should be in bed and sleeping by that time. If your not at least trying to sleep then you get moved to the naughty list. Santa has a lot to do and doesn’t need any distractions in order for him to be able to stay focused. If Santa finds that you are awake, he will skip your home and move to the next home on the list. If there is enough time after all the other deliveries have been made, he may be able to swing back by your home. Do you want to take a chance that Santa may not be able to get back to you?

If you really were asleep and just happened to wake up and catch him, you don’t get put on the n

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