Pack a Picnic, Pick a Pepper…it’s in season

A lot of families planning to head out on a family a road trip. Along the way there is not a lot of choice for food.

It is great to have some food on hand or even pack a picnic of options.
A few ideas using all of our in season produce:
Curried Chicken Salad with Peaches. Switch it up and serve it on Romaine lettuce leaves, half a pepper or cucumber rounds.
With all the choice of fresh fruit, pack some straws and make fruit Kabobs. For a little sweetness add some sponge cake to the pattern.
If you have a chilled vessel, Peach Milkshakes are a favourite in our family.
Raw veggies served with hummus or a homeade herb dip is a good way to refuel.
All recipes are on
Be sure to pack wet wipes and a few road trip game ideas!

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