Mother’s Day Gift of Time with Her Kids

The one thing every mom wants for Mother’s Day is more time with her kids. Whether that means going for a family hike, planting flowers or baking a cake, the experiences you share create lasting memories. Include a thoughtful gift to remind her of the day and you have the perfect Mother’s Day plan.

Plant a Garden

Does your mom have a green thumb? Indulge her love for gardening with a day spent in the dirt. Come prepared with a thoughtful selection of seeds and bulbs.

After you’ve tended the flowers, take a break to drink some lemonade and present Mom with some beautiful Gardenering Hand Cream from Terra 20.

Have a Picnic

Recapture old traditions with a picnic in the park. Good food and  some fun games are all you need for a wonderful afternoon with mom.  Need some help with a few goodies or a perfect gift?  Thyme and Again has a beautiful selection of gift baskets, napkins and scrumptious treats for you Mom.

Go for a Hike

The mom who loves the great outdoors won’t say no to a hike, so go ahead and hit the trail.  Explore the Gatineau Hills or stick to your own neighbourhood. Is Mom and avid hiker?  She will love one of these beautiful daypacks from Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Take a Bike Ride

There’s nothing like a leisurely bike ride on Mother’s Day. Our city is full of lovely bike paths and green spaces for you to enjoy together. Gather the family for a ride and don’t forget the bike-friendly gifts, like this sweet bike basket from Bushtukah.


Bake Something Together

For moms who love to bake, a date in the kitchen (with help from her family sous chefs) will be an experience to treasure. Pick up all the ingredients in advance, and don’t forget to take notes on her techniques for making the greatest treats of all time.  For the perfect gift, consider a delightful new apron from Kitchenalia.

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