For Findlay, there are learning opportunities everywhere.

Twelve years ago, when her children were small, Findlay left full-time teaching. Her new classroom is a successful blog. She also shares her creative expertise and enthusiasm as a TV personality, under the name “Mom in the Know.”

Findlay is also a big fan of time in the kitchen together.

“Time in the kitchen can be the best time to learn,” said Findlay.

“That’s where we spend most of our time, getting meals together. This way you spend time together and your kids learn invaluable life skills.”

Findlay says by getting your kids into cooking and baking, they are also learning about science, math, chemistry, history and patience.

One of Findlay’s best suggestions for teaching moments, at this time of year, a little “outdoor education” at a sugar bush in Ontario or Quebec. When you return home, it’s family time to create and assemble recipes with the sweet maple tastes.

Findlay also promotes “egg-ucation” by suggesting countless creations with eggs, both decorative and delicious.

As we approach the start of March Break, CTV News at Noon asked Findlay to share some fun ideas that cost next to nothing.

And apologies in advance, we asked Julie for her favourite slime recipe.

Yes, slime does stick to pretty well everything and can cause a mess. But the Mom in the Know says there is a key to cleaning it up.

“Vinegar is the solution,” said Findlay. A little bit of vinegar will remove sticky slime from surfaces..

And the Mom in the Know is big on games too.

“You don’t need to be too fancy.  One of my favourite things is a pack of cards, some dice and some paper. I could probably come up with 10 games based on that,” said Findlay.

“Don’t forget Hangman, Scrabble, Memory. Your kids will be learning without even realizing they’re learning! The absolute they will be learning without realizing they’re learning.”

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