Lemonade Standemonium

Kids, take a stand for Cancer and have fun while you do it!  Join hundreds of kids across the country as they participate in the 7th Annual Lemonade Standemonium.  The countdown is on to the big event.  Make a  commitment to making a change.  Start planning today.

This year’s event, hosted by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and Candlelighters and presented by Cardel Homes, takes place on Saturday, June 1, 2019.

Getting involved and putting the squeeze on cancer is easy.


How can YOU get involved? Registering for the Great Canadian Lemonade Stand is easy!

  1. Join the Lemonade Brigade movement and make a STAND against cancer.
  2. Register your stand at www.ottawacancer.ca/lemonade.
  3. Recruit your family or friends to join your stand – the more the merrier! Everyone who registers online will be eligible to win great prizes.
  4. Plan out where you would like to host your stand. At a nearby store, at the end of your driveway, at a playground – there are loads of choices. But be sure to ask your parents for help in determining where to host your stand, and get permission from your chosen location.  You may also be able to host your stand a store or another busy location in your neighbourhood.
  5. Get your mom and dad involved and send an email to let family and friends know where your stand will be hosted, and a link to donate to your virtual stand. All this can be done through your online stand page.
  6. Get family and friends involved and design and build your own custom stand.
  7. Plan out your stand campaign. Decide when you will be hosting your stand – you can host a stand more than once leading up to June 1, and then on Lemonade Stand Day. Also, be sure to decide what you would like to serve at your stand. There are great recipes at www.ottawacancer. ca/lemonade.
  8. Host your stand on or before Saturday, June 1
  9. Drop off the funds raised at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation (1500 Alta Vista Dr.) on Sunday, June 2 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  10. Celebrate all of your successes and the work you have done to help local families who are facing cancer.

Quick tips for building a lemonade stand

  • Paint and decorate with bright colours.
  • Put up a poster:  Download here:   French   English
  • Consider using chalkboard or paint to make an instant sign on the stand.
  • Attach pinwheels, streamers, balloons or other moving decorations to draw attention.
  • Display a basket of colourful lemons on your table to get attention.
  • Make great signs. Use large letters, arrows and eye catching colours.
  • Put out a bowl of water for dogs.
  • Play music and get your groove on. Dance, dance, dance!
  • Offer baked goods.
  • Bring out your pom-poms and shout out a lemonade cheer

** Mom in the Know Secret Sauce – Tips!


  1. Don’t wait for customers to come to you.  Make a mobile stand using your wagon and wheel around the neighbourhood.
  2. Use something you already have.  We once a puppet show theatre to make a great stand!


Get Excited


  • Make great signs.  Use large letters, arrows and eye catching colours.
  • Play music and get your groove on.  Dance, dance, dance.
  • Bring out your pom poms and shout out a lemonade cheer.


Stay busy between customers, it will make the day fly by and will attract people to the activity at your stand.

Get crafty making friendship pins, bracelets and keepsakes that’s what the day is all about.  Do some chalk art.  It will keep you busy and help draw attention to your stand.  Skip, blow bubbles, get out your jacks or play hopscotch.

Most of all, have fun.  You are doing a great thing to help others in need.

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