Kids Thanksgiving

Get the Kids Involved

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful family holiday and I love to get the kids involved in as much of the preparation as I can.  We are going to make  an autumn hand print maple tree, a table runner and a pinecone turkey decoration.


This week, we will shop for some Thanksgiving themed paper napkins and small gourdes to decorate the house.

I will also have the kids help me write out the grocery list and then shop for all of the items we will need for the meal.

The Kid’s Menu

Kids get so excited during family holidays.  There is so much energy and excitement in the house when decorations are put out, special foods are prepared and guests begin to arrive.  It is no wonder that kids have little appetite and find it hard to sit still for an elaborate meal.  I always make sure that there are a few fun options on the table that appeal to our littlest dinner guests.

Fresh vegetables and dip

Cheese and crackers

Small buns/bread

Meats cut into bite-sized pieces

Bite–sized muffins or sweet bread


The Kid’s Table

Make you little guests feel welcome by sitting them at their own table.  I always start by covering the table with brown craft paper and leaving a dish of crayons in the centre.

This year I am starting a new tradition.  I bought an inexpensive table cloth and will ask my guest to write what they are thankful for on the cloth in permanent marker.  This will make an heirloom to treasure from year to year.

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