Keeping it Together

Label It

Mabels Labels has all the labels needed to identify kids belongings and keep their things out of the lost and found.

Art Portfolio

We can now keep all of our little artists artwork! Take two prices of Bristol board and staple them together keeping the top open. I have been collecting the artwork and reusing it as wrapping paper, cards, and giving out pieces to family. The ‘great works of art’ I frame it.


It is worth the search for a good one

A few of my favourites:

JWorld New York have a great line of backpacks on wheels. Some models have the wheels light up.

Heys Plaid Backpack, featured in the Ottawa Citizen, has a distinct plaid fabric. The curved shoulder straps wrap around your shoulders securely and the foam padding cushion the weight of the pack on your shoulders. There is an interior organizer for your cell phone, pens, and accessories.

The OBUS FORME is another great choice. It is one of the few backpacks that offer a waist strap.
All are available at Capital City Luggage


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