Halloween Countdown – Lets Keep the Spirits ALIVE

Are you ready to embrace the eerie vibes and spooky spirits? With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to conjure up some wickedly delightful activities to keep the Halloween spirits alive for the next 7 days! Whether you prefer the coziness of your home or the thrill of outdoor adventures, we’ve got you covered with a ghoulishly good time. Grab your cauldron and broomstick because it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit!

Have a Howling Good Time

  1. Dance Party: Groove to the tunes of the season with classics like Monster Mash and Thriller.
  2. Scary Stories: Dive into the world of spooks with Halloween-themed story starters, stickers, or visit the library for some chilling tales. Try the sensory scary story of old Joe for an extra thrill.
  3. Charades or Guess Who I Am?: Test your acting skills with Halloween-themed charades or guessing games.
  4. Halloween Movie Night: Dim the lights, grab the popcorn, and indulge in a marathon of your favorite Halloween movies.
  5. Host a Halloween Party: From pinning the broom on the witch to mummy wrapping competitions, let the creativity flow. How many words can you make with HALLOWEEN or FRANKENSTEIN? Find out!
  6. Decorate the House: Transform your home or a room with DIY crafts and caution tape. Pre-pumpkin decorating activities like painting and using stickers can also be a fun family affair.

Inside or Outside: Scavenger Hunt Adventures

Scavenger Hunt Inside and Out: Create your own riddles and checklists or find printable ones online. Hunt for Halloween-themed items like witches and skeletons in your neighbourhood.

**Search for ingredients for a witch’s potion like leaves, twigs, dryer fluff, and soap. Who said scavenger hunts are just for kids?

Outside and Around Town: Hauntingly Exciting Events

  1. Wickedly Westboro: Explore your own neighborhood for spooky surprises and decorations.
  2. Carp Farmers Market: Discover Halloween treats and crafts at the local farmers market.
  3. Pumpkins After Dark: Witness the magic of over 10,000 carved pumpkins illuminating the night. Catch this enchanting display from Thursday to Sunday, including Halloween night.
  4. Saunders Farm: Experience the Halloween extravaganza at Saunders Farm, offering daytime and nighttime activities for thrill-seekers of all ages.
  5. The Movies: Enjoy Halloween-themed movies in local theaters for a cinematic scare.

Be Sure to Feed the Ghouls: Kids in the Kitchen


  1. After School: Prepare a spooky Skeleton Veggie and Cheese Platter for a healthy Halloween snack using local in-season vegetables and your favourite local cheese.  You can check what’s in season here at Foodland Ontario
  2. Breakfast: Surprise your family with a creative “Cat Litter” breakfast treat that’s bound to raise some eyebrows (and giggles).
  3. Desserts: Indulge in Pumpkin Cupcakes and Pumpkin Spice Cookies with Cream Cheese Icing. These treats freeze well, making them perfect for parties or after-school playdates.
  4. Autumn Nachos with a Twist: Spice up your snack time with autumn-themed nachos, adding a twist to your favorite crunchy delight.
  5. So many more spooktacular recipes can be found at www.foodlandontario.ca

So, whether you’re dancing to the Monster Mash indoors, embarking on a neighborhood scavenger hunt, or exploring the spooky events in town, these activities are sure to keep the Halloween spirits alive and kicking. And remember, in the kitchen, no pumpkin shall be spared! Enjoy your spooktacular week leading up to Halloween! 🎃👻✨


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