HALLOWEEN 2020 – Have a Wicked Good Time

2020 Halloween looks different, but that does not mean you cannot bring the ‘Spirit’ into your own home and set yourself up for a ‘Howling Good Time’
Ideas for decorations, crafts, games, recipes and more 

We have some hauntingly good ideas that we shared with CTV Morning Live



 Games! Games! Games!

Get your kids involved in the decorating with a few of these easy tips and crafts

  1. Use a  big roll of caution tape  to criss- cross across doors that are off limits.
  2. Make signs that warn  Beware or Haunted
  3. Cut monster footprints from cardboard and have them lead from party room to party room.  You can even make a path to the bathroom.
  4. Make ghoulish centerpieces and ornaments from salt dough.  SALT DOUGH: Easy to roll out dough and cut shapes with cookie cutters. Salt dough crafts will air dry in a day or two. If you need immediate results, bake them in the oven at 200    degrees Fahrenheit until they harden. Easy recipe : 2 cups all purpose flour/ 2 cups of salt/   1 cup of water. Mix with your hands until moist and smooth.
  5. Go through your recycling bin and pull out different shaped bottles.  Fill them with water and food colouring to create apothecaries of poison mixtures.
  6. Wrap recycled containers with Halloween themed paper or use felt to create some monster faces. Use them as a treat buckets for your popcorn and pretzel-type snacks.
  7. Make haunting luminaries.  Wrap clear glasses or vases in orange tissue paper.  Cut out shapes or find other décor items to make a jack-o-lantern faces.  These can be used indoors or out.  Another great idea for luminaries is to drarw or colour shapes and faces on brown  paper bags .  Older kids can cut designs into the bags. Fill the bags a third full with sand. Add a tea light and line your walkway or porch.
  8. Use leaves.  Take old clothes and stuff them with leaves. Scatter them on the lawn with heads or leave them headless.
  9. Eyes are on you. Use plastic foam balls.  Cut them in half and paint black pupils.
  10. Make a craft box available to your little party goers. You never know what spooky creativity will arise. Your box could include: plastic spiders, stickers, stamps, googly eyes, pom poms, ribbon, pipe cleaners, cookie cutters to trace, different coloured felt and construction paper, scissors, markers, glitter glue or feathers.

Play Goulish Games 

Find the eyeballs in the brains
Add marbles to cooked spaghetti to create this ghoulish game.  Whoever collects the most eyeballs in two minutes wins. Hint: Add one tablespoon of cooking oil per box to keep noodles from sticking.
Eyeball Bounce
Supplies Needed:
  • Bouncy Balls. We like to use ping pong balls – You can draw on the veiny eyes.
  • Bukets or bowls
Each player is given a number of balls to bounce in the bucket. The most in, wins!

Scavenger hunt 

Have a scavenger hunt to find treats or for ingredients for a witches brew . Some creative ingredients I came across are:
  • Eye of a newt – dried bean
  • Bat hair – dryer lint
  • Snake teeth – grains of white rice
  • Mouse kidney –kidney bean
  • Owl feather- colourful craft feather
  • Dusty corpse – baking soda in a small plastic bag



Witches Brew 

To make a witches brew add 2 cups of vinegar to a large pot.  Add all of the children’s ingredients from the scavenger hunt, especially the dusty corpse. Have extra dusty corpse to add to the cauldron. It will bubble and froth before their eyes.


Grab the Ghost


Paper towels

Small balls




Large paper cirlce





  • Before the party, make ghosts by draping a piece of paper towel around a small ball, such as a Superball (or in a pinch, a wadded-up paper towel). Cinch the towel around the ball and secure with one end of a 2-foot length of yarn.
  • Have guests draw a face on their ghosts with markers.
  • At the start of the game, each player is given ten pennies. Choose one person to be the goblin. The other players lay their ghosts on the large paper circle and hold on to the yarn leash. The goblin holds the funnel, upside down, at least 2 feet above the circle.
  • The goblin chooses two numbers on a die, announces them to the group, then rolls. If either of the chosen numbers appears, the players try to pull their ghosts out of the circle before the goblin can slam the funnel down over them. If a player is caught, he must give the goblin a penny. If the chosen numbers do not appear, but the players panic and yank their ghosts out of the circle anyway, it’s another penny to the goblin. The goblin, for his part, is allowed to fake a funnel slam, but if he touches any ghost, he must shell out a penny to each player. After three rolls of the die, the next player takes over as goblin. Play is over when one player runs out of pennies. The player with the most coins wins.


Ghost Story Starters

Grab a flashlight and put a sheet over top of you and start your Ghost Story. Here are a few propmpt starters if you need one:

1.     One dark, stormy Halloween night, I…
2.     I didn’t believe in ghosts until…
3.     The old, abandoned house was covered with…
4.     I jumped up from bed when I heard a loud…
5.     I didn’t think the house was actually haunted until…
6.     When the black cat crossed my path I…
7.     I could no longer ignore the strange sound coming from under my bed, so I…
8.     The monster that lives in my closet is very…
9.     When the jack-o-lantern started talking to me I…

10. The spider dropped done onto my shoulder and then…



Poor Joe

Cold stuffed rubber glove, (latex glove filled with Jello)
10 small pieces of carrot
Wig, (dolls wig works well)
cold cooked spaghetti
Dried apricot
2 peeled green grapes
Piece of liver
Guests sit in a circle on floor; lights out except for flashlight narrator reads by. Have each item to be passed in separate bowl. Guests will pick up the item, put it back in bowl, pass it to the next person. While guests pass an item, narrator holds the flashlight underneath his chin to give his face a scary look.
Action Narrator reads from script.

Here are some other hauntingly fun games         

  • Monster freeze dance
  • Guess how many worms or candies are in the jar.
  • Pumpkin pass along (use little gourds)
  • Pin the witch on the broom  (pin up broom,  cut out witch, tape or thumb tacks)
  • Cotton ball relay- (cotton balls – use orange or black, large spoons and two plastic pumpkins)
  • Doughnuts on a string or bobbing for apples  (apples or doughnuts with sprinkles tied to the end of a string and hung from the ceiling)
  • The Dead Man’s Brains  (instructions and supplies here)
  • ‘Boo am I’  (spooky characters for charades writing on small slips of paper,  blown up balloons to put the pieces of paper in)
  • How many words can you get out of   F R A N K E N S T E I N  or H A L L O W E E N
  • Musical Pumpkins
candy corns
Make some Treat Bags & Ghost your friends
  • Use a recyclable paper bag or goodie bag
  • Let kids come up with their own Halloween pattern or picture of a pumpkin, bats, globlins, monsters or ghosts. You could also use cookies cutters to trace the shapes.  Use paint to colour in the shapes. Older kids may want to paint free hand.
  • Fill your Goodie Bags with treats
  • Write Two letters stating that “you’ve been ghosted (or boo’d)” with simple how-to instructions to carry on the tradition.
  • After you have assembled your treat bags,and letters, you should deliver them after dark to your target your friends and family  by dropping one on each porch, ringing the doorbell, and running. You should remain anonymous, so don’t get caught. If you’re a child, it’s important to be safe and take an adult with you.




Serve up Some Spooky Stuff

Serve up some fun using  different sized clear containers.  Fill them freaky fun candies such as gummy worms and chocolate eyeballs. You can also add googly eyes to some of the containers so they keep on ‘eye’ on the kids.  Pumpkins make great serving bowls too (especially with a wiggin’ worm salad).

No-bones-about-it vegetable skeleton

Veggies come in so many shapes and sizes, they make perfect building blocks.  

Jack-‘o-lantern dip

Carve out a small pumpkin (or a few) to use as dip containers (healthier dip choices include salsa, hummus, and yogurt-based recipes). Paint a face on the pumpkin instead of cutting holes, or cut only partway through. Or if you’re feeling extra-spooky, carve a large mouth and make the dip spill out through it for a “puking pumpkin” effect.

Black-and-orange dip

Buy or prepare black-bean dip, and serve with sweet potato chips and orange bell pepper strips.

Get seedy

Don’t forget to save your seeds when you carve pumpkins. Roast them in a hot oven with a little salt and olive oil.


Score major cool points with party guests by serving a watermelon carved to look like a brain.
Choose a small, seedless melon and peel off the green skin. Score the white pith with a knife
to resemble the brain’s squiggly folds. Then carve to expose the watermelon’s red flesh.


Dip peeled bananas in orange juice, then roll in shredded coconut to make white ghosts. Add
small raisins or chocolate chips for eyes, then insert wooden craft stick for a handle (so the
ghosts can flit about hauntingly). Serve as-is or frozen.

Witches’ teeth

Core and quarter an apple. Remove wedge from skin side of each quarter to form a mouth.
Insert variously shaped and sized slivered almonds for teeth.


Use a toothpick to carve features into the skin of a whole orange. Insert a piece of pretzel for
a stem. Or remove the fruit’s pulp and use to serve yogurt, low-fat pudding, apricot
applesauce, etc.

Black Bean Cat Crudite

Looking for a Halloween snack that’s both healthy and festive?  This skeletal array fit’s the bill.  No bones about it.  Just assorted fresh vegetables and a bowl of dip arranged in the shape of a spooky cat.
Assorted veggies of your choice  (celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli)


Disguises  aren’t just of Halloween. Surprise your family with these dressed-up, spooky-looking snacks any time of year.  Kids can help my spooning the pizza sauce on the English muffin and making the mummy face with the cheese and vegetables.

Spooky Punch

For the punch, you need a glass punch bowl with a hollowed-out raised base. Take the base of the punch bowl and put underneath either a small flashing electric light or just a regular one. They are small, about tea-light size, and you get them at dollar stores. Putting the punch bowl on top with liquid is a great effect, especially when you lower the lights. Kids and adults will love it! Get the recipe. 
Some other great recipes:
With thanks to Taste of Home for these wonderful recipies and ideas.  
Happy Haunting

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