Fresh Local Farmers’ Markets

Our local farmers’ markets are bursting with in-season produce and now is the time to start making your weekly visits.  Beyond the fresh flavours and friendly producers, there are many other benefits to browsing the market stalls.

You Can’t Beat the Freshness
Straight from farm to market, you’re likely going to be purchasing produce that was picked only a few days ago.  The only way to get fresher produce is to grow it in your own back yard.

The produce you buy from the grocery store may be picked before it has reached peak ripeness and transported to Ottawa.  This means they don’t develop all their potential nutrients and flavour.

Support Local Business
Shopping at community markets puts money back into the local economy. Not only do you get to enjoy fresher and higher quality produce, but you’re also supporting a local farmer who will likely spend that money at a local business.

Enjoy Seasonal Produce
When you’re purchasing your fruit and vegetables at a farmers’ market, you’re getting them in season. Consider preserving this produce at its peak to enjoy the fresh flavours all year long.

Find Something New

Small, independent farmers like to grow a variety items and experiment with food.  At the farmers’ market, you’ll probably be able to find new products and speak directly to the grower about preparing and preserving them.

It’s Always Greener
Local farmers use less fuel than larger producers.  They don’t use large processing machines or electricity to run indoor farms.

If the farms also produce eggs, milk or other dairy products, there’s a good chance that the animals housed there are treated humanely and could be grass-fed, cage-free, or free-range animals.


You can find information about all of the area’s local markets here:



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