Fairy Houses

Inspired by some of her favourite movies and books, Meghan had the idea to build Fairy Houses in our backyard.  We have collected many items on our walks and while cleaning up our own yard.  So far we have sticks, bark, dry grass, pebbles, feathers and pine cones.  We will also use some paper and treasures from our recycle bin.   I have posted some ideas over on Pinterest

Legend has it that if you place a fairy house in your garden a fairy might come and live in it, bringing luck and magic to the garden and its owner.

To attract the fairies to your structure you can leave enticing gifts, such as crystals, silver, or gold. Fairies love natural things with a shimmer and a sparkle, but they do not like magnets or iron. Timing is important when connecting with the fairies. They are most active around a full moon, solstices, and equinoxes, so this would be a good time to leave them a small treat like fruit or sweets, especially chocolate. They love chocolate

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