Create a Study Space

Study Box

Everyone gets new shoes for back to school. This year we’ve decided to personalize our shoe boxes and use the for our study boxes. All the tools we need to complete homework ar
e in the box: pens, pencils, calculators, French/English dictionaries and thesaurus. We used the school supply list provide from our school to make sure filled our boxes with

everything we would need for the school year.

If my kids find another spot to do homework, their toolbox can go with them.

MITK tip.  Have the kids personalize their duo tangs or decorate their pencils; they take more ownership of it.

Visual Aids

Visual Aids are great for Your Children and their Workspace

For the youngest grades

alphabet letters


recognition words that they are learning

For the older grades

have a homework duo tang  that could include helpful information that will help build strengths

multiplication chart

math formulas

grammar rules

MITK tip.  There are many books and workbooks out there that reinforce essential skills and develop critical thinking for children. One of my favourites is 365 Simple Science Experiments with Everyda Materials from Scholastic . We have a blast doing it together. Try to get involved in your Child’s learning.


Have a calendar near by. It will be a perfect tool for recording when assignments are due, field trips as well as all other extra-curricular activities your child might be involved in. The calendar is a perfect organizational tool as well as a keepsake at the end of the year to take a look back at all of your child’s accomplishments.

MITK tip. Most schools have a newsletter with important dates, add them to your calendar as soon as you receive them. Get rid of the paper trail!


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