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Plan to Stay Fit 

I am going to compete in my first ever triathlon tomorrow.  While I am, a little apprehensive, I am mostly overjoyed to reach this important milestone in my fitness journey.  Over the past few weeks, as I have shared my news with friends and family, people seem oddly amazed and say, “Julie, I don’t know how you do it.”  My knee-jerk reaction is often to quote those famous swooshy sportswear folks and tell them to, “Just do It,” but then I realize that for Moms fitness is a hard won luxury sometimes. 

I actually have to plan to keep up with my fitness regime and I plan to include my children in what I do as much as possible.   Here are a few things that I do to keep on track.

Set Goals

Whether you want to get in 3 workouts this week or complete a 5k, setting goals will keep you on track. Hang your chart in a central area

PLAY with Your Kids

The towels can sit in the basket a little longer, get up and be the tagger.

Use a Fitness DVD

Especially with little ones, there are days when you just don't make it out the door. Have a couple workouts that you like and can pop in during nap time.

Play Dates for Kids / Fitness Date for Moms

Let your kids entertain themselves while you workout with a friend.  My friends and I often hit the park in groups ad then set off in pairs to run while the others stay behind with the kids.

Develop a Support System

Surrounding yourself with people who encourage and support your fitness goals is crucial to your adherence

Sideline Your Kids

Don’t be shy to bring your kids along when you play team sport.  I love to play Ultimate Frisbee and I never hesitate include the kids on game nights.  They happily play on the sideline while their Moms and Dads play.

Get Your Z's

Setting a bed time for yourself can be the difference in being a happy and healthy, energized mommy.

Use Weights

Lifting dumbbells is not going to make you look like He-man. Resistance training is key to being toned, reducing body fat and increasing bone mineral density.

Find a Gym with Childcare

If finding a sitter is what keeps you from working out, sign up at a gym that offers it.  I love Dovercourt in my community for this very reason. 

Challenge the Kids

What kid doesn't want to do something "better" than mom? Set up an obstacle course in the yard or put on your helmet and "tour de France" the neighborhood.

Do What You Like

Incorporate activities that you enjoy! If you enjoy it, you will find a way to keep doing it.

Set an Example

Monkey see, monkey do. Don't be surprised when your kid(s) join in your living room kickboxing workout and have a blast.

Love Yourself

You have the most important job in the world and you are awesome! Believe it and feel it!


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